Saturday, June 27, 2009

Northern Arizona pine country - Part 3

Checking my mirrors there isn't anyone behind me so off I go.

Damn who the hell are you? You are one hairy dude. Oh wait that's me LOL I do remember only a few month ago I shaved my head and had only a goatee. I'm looking pretty greasy.

Having fun with the phone while I am riding I decided to take some photos of some of the landscape. At this point I am on my way to back to the Beeline Highway. Once I turn onto it then I will hit Strawberry and Pine. Both quaint little towns. Even tho I do love the saloon in Pine, I'm not stopping this time. I stop every other time so no need. Plus I still have to meet Sandy and Lisa at my parents and much left to see.

Back on the Beeline Highway. Oh look a car! Oh and and another. First I've seen for a while. These guys keep me in check and keep me from going to fast. I love the twisties on this route so I tend to speed. This is where the heavy pine area is really standing out.

As I'm driving there is such beautiful scenery all around me. This never gets old for me and love every moment. Even tho I was on a mountain road I still manage to find a pull off to stop at. This area is coming down off the mountain a bit. The forest is lush and as beautiful. Amazing!

And how could I forget a road shot of where I was headed you ask?

Next stop, top of the Mogollon Rim (pronounced Mo-gee-on by locals). The highway is 4 lanes almost the entire way up. Its been years since I've been up this far and this is fantastic. No more getting stuck behind semi trucks hauling cattle. The road goes right up the side of the mountain. Lots of twisties with a very steep incline. Here you can almost close your eyes and feel the road. It was very well built that way and easy to ride on. By the time I get to the top I feel like I'm in the zone and do not want to stop. I come up to Forest Lakes Road to head up to Woods Canyon Lake. I get in the left turn lane, but for the first time ever I notice a rest area on the right (directly across from Forest Lakes Road). But not just a rest area, there is a forest ranger/tourist building. I look behind me for traffic and quickly turn into the lot. This place sits ont the rim as well, so I knew I'd get some great shots. Look at this drop down.

And a couple shots off the rim.

I know these were a bit of limited sight, but don't fear much more to come.

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  1. I love the 'going down the road' pics! What a pretty location.