Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unplug and yet not

Wow...its been forever since I posted here. Life is busy...

I haven't been doing much riding at trips, nothing exciting to talk about. I've been remodeling the house. Master bath is and has been done...carpet is torn out except in the master bedroom. I'm going to be putting in wood laminate. But before I do that, Kelly and I have been busting ass painting the house. Each room/area with a different color. So far the small spare is done, and we did most of the great room/dining room area. We have some white on the window sills, but that is the last thing I've worried about. Next is the big spare, hall bathroom, master bedroom and finally the kitchen. Looking forward to being completed.

We've also decided to cover the front of the house in vines. I've always loved that look...but that is something that is going to take a lot of time. Also considering making a backyard wall out of bamboo trees. Only time will tell what we will actually do.

Tomorrow I get off work at 2pm and pick up mama. From there we will head to Prescott Valley for the Eric Church/Miranda Lambert concert. I have been bless with getting the chance to meet Eric Church, get an autograph and photo with him. Hopefully I will be able to get my acoustic guitar signed by him and frame it to hang on the wall.

Last nite I broke the glass bowl that goes with my electric more then likely I won't be doing any baking this year like I thought. I'm still probably going to make some more cheese. I found out from a cousin that it can be made with whole milk so that I don't have to buy raw milk (which is very expensive).

Hopefully I will be back on here and Twitter more....until then keep the rubber side down.