Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My rig

Just got new tires on my truck on Monday. K2 helped me clean up the wheels so they look better. Also so when it rains, the crud doesn't bleed to the outside of the wheels and look like shit again. Stock tires should have been 265/70r/17, but Larry Miller Dodge #fail thought it was a good idea to put 246/70r/17 on instead. Of course what I found out when I got new tires was that they didn't replace the spare as well. Assholes. Not sure why I'm surprised. I had to get a spare too, cuz I'm smart like that. They used to look like the donut spares ppl ride around with sometimes. I needed new tires cuz they were dry rotting, and they were nearly 4 years old. I'd say that's pretty damn good. I replaced them with the largest possible without rubbing on the wheel well, 285/70r/17. Now it looks like a lifted monster truck....ok maybe not a monster truck. But it looks fucking great! Drives like a truck now, like it should. Even K2 was impressed. Even tho they cost a grip. Lookie!!

Is that cool or what? I have to climb into it now....def taller. Don't mind the dirt, I plan on washing her soon.