Friday, June 5, 2009

Last nite

Ok last nite was kick ass. Everything fell in place. Hot women everywhere at Toby Keith's I love this bar & grill. The Coors women were there, giving away raffle tickets if you were drinking a Coors product. So I quickly shifted from Jack & Coke to Coors Light. Funny, I always call it Cers (like cars) and the Coors girls understood. In fact, the really tall one (taller than me, with some long ass legs) said that someone she knows calls it that.

I started out tanking 3 tall Jack & Cokes, and had to lean back a bit and start the Coors Lights. Not to mention the raffle ticket =D Sis bought ended up buying me a shot of Jack and double shot of Single Barrel. Daaaaamn! You trying to get me drunk?

Some hot chicks were behind us and one of them didn't want her shot. She wasn't sure what it was and neither am I. It was strong, but had a slightly sweet taste to it. Not sicky sweet either. Was pretty damn cool of her. And then she found out it was my bday and was all the better.

Corey had already taken off and gave me his raffle ticket. One of the guys that was hanging out with the girls behind us gave me his 3 tickets as well. So I had 5 tickets for the drawing and it turned out pretty sweet. I wanted the snowboard since it had the Coors Light logo on it. Figured I could hang it on the wall since I don't snowboard. But I did win the Blue Moon mountain bike. Pretty damn cool and on my birthday no less.

Towards the end of the nite, there was this hot cougar who was talking to me. Her birthday was the same as mine. She had also mentioned that several of her friends had birthdays all next to each other (as well as the same day) and that they were going back to Toby's tonite and Saturday as well.

Tonite is fixing Corey's rig, then riding to Bretts to hang out a bit. Tomorrow is the party. Will be even more crazy then last nite. Everyone keeps talking about presents. Even Sandy and she picked up the tab last nite. I really don't want any presents, just want peeps to come help me celebrate. Hell I'm still trying to get used to celebrating my birthday since last year was the first year since I was much younger that I have.


  1. This may sound funny, but that made me laugh out loud!! Cute!

  2. Doesn't sound funny at all. Good, laughing is good for the soul ;)