Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bike/Dinner Night - Thursday August 14th.

Event: Bike/Dinner Night
Date: Thursday, August 14th
Time: 5:30/6:30 until 9:00 ish
Location - Tilted Kilt in Mesa - 1910 S. Gilbert Road, Mesa, AZ 85204 - (480) 507-5458.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday August 8th, 2008

Northern trip canceled due to bad weather. However, Lori and I decided to still take a trip up to Jerome for the day. We filled up @ QT and hit the road about 11:30am. On the downhill mountain just before Camp Verde we got some rain. It was only a few min of it, but the rain drops were quite large and hurt as if getting hit by rocks. I really didn't expect this at all and we did see rain clouds roll right around us during this part of the ride. We got to Camp Verde around 1pm and stretched our legs which was 76 miles deep. After we used the restroom and stretched we headed to Jerome and arrived there about 1:30ish. At this point we were absolutely starving. I quickly found a spot right in front of the Spirit Room. We walked down 2 of the streets and really did not find any food places we were interested in. So then we were right back where we started. At this point we were starving and I was ready to start gnawing on my own arm. We headed up approximate 2-3 flights of stairs to the street just a little further up the mountain. At arrival to the top we both felt like we were going to collapse and really needed food badly at this point. We stopped at the first place we saw called The Haunted Hamburger. Had to wait about 10 min. for a table. In the meantime both of us were hot and needed something to drink so I went to the bar and ordered us 2 iced teas. Ahhhh that hit the spot as we finally were able to start cooling down. Shortly after getting our tea, our table was ready. Perfect indeed. This place had a good selection of food and a condiments bar on top of it. Neither one of us could finish all of our food so we decided not to waste room on the bun of the Philli Cheesesteaks. The waitress was ok at best as my iced tea was sitting empty for 10-15 min. After we got done we did a little shopping thru the town walking down each road. The whole time I was wearing a long sleeve shirt so I wouldn't get burned on the ride there. I really wanted to just find a normal t-shirt with Jerome on it. Right next to the Spirit Room there was this very large store with many shirts. Both of us were also looking at the cowboy hats that had draw strings to keep them from flying off while riding the bike. I found one I really liked that was from Toby Keith but I really didn't want to spend the $50 on it. I really do regret not getting it, but I sure as hell will be going back soon just to get the damn hat. After getting my shirt Lori smoked outside while I changed the shirt. We heard some loud music coming from the Spirit Room which was where we were headed to before leaving town. The place was too packed to even get a seat. Went to the bar right around the corner and they didn't take credit cards. At this point I was annoyed and I'm pretty sure Lori was too. She suggested we just leave down and get a bar back somewhere towards Camp Verde. Fantastic idea! We did not find a single bar worth a crap the entire 22 miles back. At this point I'm desperate for a bar. I just wanted to get something cold to drink and relax for a couple of hours so the sun would be setting before we started heading back. Finally Lori noticed a business loop. After several miles we still find nothing, until we almost pass this little bar that I think was called Wine Cellar. From the outside looked ok at best. We had to flip a u turn to get to it. This place was amazing. During hot days it probably would not be really great, but the atmosphere is fantastic. The front entrance is almost all underground except for the roof. There are stairs to go down to the bar area. At the bottom, to the left is some kind of stage for live music. It also has a large patio. Even further in there is a creek and a dock build partially into the creek with tables sitting on it. Very lush green vines and trees covered the area. This a diamond in the rough. We both loved the place and will be back on any trips up that way. We had a couple of drinks and head out just after 7pm. I stop and fill up then we head out. There was a heavy storm in the distance that we just miss and never saw it again. The temp dropped pretty drastic for a bit but felt wonderful, almost cold. A bit later we stop in Cordus Junction at McDonalds and split some fries with hot mustard. The hot mustard was Lori's idea as I would never have thought of that. Quite impressed with the taste we finished all of it and then headed back to town. Got to my house right around 8:30 after traveling 204.2 miles. No to bad for a wonderful day of much cooler weather. The high was supposed to be 85 in Jerme and I'm not even sure it got that hot.

Hell Ride update

This had to be the best B rated/Independent film I have ever watched. David Carradine was only in it for a short time. The movie was just as expected tho. Old 70's style cinematography, old school biker flick, bad script, but great acting, good plot that kept your attention. Gratuitous nudity, gratuitous violence. Larry Bishop did a good job writing, directing and acting in this. Although the way he always walked kinda irritated me. Just seemed retarded. Michael Madsen,0 as expected, was great. Those who go into this movie expecting more are going to be very disappointed.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Event: Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff Ride
Date: Sunday August 10th, 2008
Time: Meet @ 6:45am, roll out @ 7:00am
Location: Meet at the Circle K located on the corner of 7th Street & Carefree Hwy. We will be heading up to Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff then home. There are 3 scheduled stops. Breakfast at Byler's in Black Canyon City, Spirit Room in Jerome & Roadhouse Bar & Grill just east of Flagstaff for lunch.

Bike/Dinner and then a movie nite

I leave work at 4pm. I will head over to Aunt Chilada's for happy hour til about 7:45pm, then head over to the Harkins @ Arizona Mills Mall for the 8:20 showing of the new movie Hell Ride that just opened today. You can check out more information on the movie and a preview on their website, http://www.hellridemovie.com.

Aunt Chilada's
Address: 2021 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hell Ride released 8/8/08

Will be there to see the opening of it, tomorrow after bike/dinner nite @ the 8:20 showing. Harkins Arizona Mills Mall.


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