Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Eric Church's new album titled Chief just hit the shelves yesterday (July 26th, 2011). This was a very anticipated album, especially after hearing his latest single "Homeboy" from this album.

The man that brought us hits like "These boots", "Guys like me" "Hell on the heart" & of course I can't forget "Smoke a little smoke" releases his 3rd album.

Even tho Kmart advertised that they would not only have the album yesterday, they discounted the price to $8.99. Right after work my wife and I go to there to pick the album up and they have none on the shelf. The guy at the counter even went to the back to see if they were in a box still. No luck. What bullshit. Seriously? How can you advertise that if you can't follow thru. Guess I will not be shopping there at all again. Assholes! This was the one of the reasons I did not pre-order the album. So we drove to Target instead since it was the only place that I could think would have it near the house (besides Walmarx, which I refuse to go). Of course they had it! Not only that, but they also had it on sale for $8.99. BINGO!!!!! Thank you Target for not letting me down.

Not able to wait until I get home, I opened the CD as soon as I left the store and popped in the the player. First song "Creepin" starts off with a very old echo sound that you sometimes hear. I really love this effect. After a few lyrics it sounds normal again, but he usually the effect in the chorus lines throughout. The track is easy to follow and relate to..."What the dreams forget the whiskey remembers".

Eric was involved in writing every song except "Like Jesus does". When I did a search, I saw something about a cover but was not able to find anything about the original. It would make sense why he didn't write it if it is a cover song.

As soon as the 2nd track, "Drink in my hand", starts playing and Kelly said the exact same thing I was thinking. Good or bad, I said agreed. "All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand". Speaking of which, I'm ready for some Jack Daniel's and the beginning of the weekend.

There really is not a song on this album that I didn't enjoy. A few days ago I remember watching a video on his website called "I'm getting' stoned". Its not what you think. Just listen to the song and you will understand what I mean. It's the 10th track on the album and am happy that I was able to hear it before the album dropped.

Of course there is "Homeboy" which has been playing on the radio for a while. At first listen, I really didn't like the song. It didn't take long before it grew on me and changed my phone ring tone too. Maybe only after the 2nd or 3rd time I heard it. The music is great and the lyrics are powerful. Definitely has an interesting title.

And how can I forget to mention this song? You ask which one? How well do you know me? lol "Jack Daniels". Need I say any more? I think not. "But Jack Daniels kicked my ass again last nite".

Eric Church is an amazing talent, both singer and songwriter. But, he's even more amazing to see in concert. He's able to energize the crowd and give the fans exactly what they came more. Not only is he a music artist, but also an entertainer.

Kelly and I will be seeing him for the 2nd time in a couple of weeks here in Tempe, Arizona. If you like outlaw country, you should get the album.