Thursday, October 15, 2009

Patched into MC, booted out of existence

I have found it quite interesting, since I have patched in. I have noticed many ppl's attitude toward me change, and not for the better. Yes I joined a motorcycle club, but I have not changed. I am the same man I was before I even met them. The media continues to tell lies about MC's and knowing how ppl are they just believe it. In once sense I can't blame the, its called brainwashing. The media is supposed to tell all the facts. But they don't they only tell some of the facts and in many cases made up facts. I could go on and on about this, but I won't. Just remember gather facts and/or experiences, and come to your OWN conclusion.

A good instance is the show Sons of Anarchy. Although very entertaining, it does not do good to help this bad image ppl have. Now I can't say much I enjoy watching the show, but this is just not reality. There are so many things I could spend hours pointing that are incorrect and I'm not just talking about the crimes.

I'm not going to get into more specifics here, but I can see that I am pushing ppl away. Or what I should say is they are pushing themselves away. Again I have not changed. You could always ask my good friend Rob that I met off Twitter and actually met in person during Vegas Bikefest. I don't think he thought I was a bad guy. I am a biker, this is fact but I am a nice guy. Yes I can be an prick of the worst kind if provoked, but for the most part I am loyal to a fault to my friends.

I chalk this all up to not only a learning experience which will help me grow and become a better person, but it will weed out those who I "thought" were my friends who really are not my friends. My real friends will always be there.

I do also partially understand the thoughts of others that bikers have bad attitudes. Yes, yes we do. Would you like to know why? Its because of how the world treats us. We usually don't start out with attitudes. Its something we get along the way. Remember the Golden Rule, treat us how you want to be treated and we will do the same.

One thing I really like about being a biker most of all, it shows how against the grain I am. Now I do not say this meaning I enjoy pissing ppl off. What I mean is that I do not just accept things for the way they are, I question everything and I stand up for what I believe in. Right or wrong.

I have edit this post a couple times...I may just have to do another post after this edit. I have been kicked out of several bars for "No Colors". This is discrimination no matter how you look at it. I was even kicked out of the Fremont Casino in Vegas. They told me I would have to remove my cut. I'm sorry, but I will not. There is a time and place when I will not wear it, but to me I am trying to make more of a statement. Why should I follow the rules of society that discriminate for what you wear? Why don't they post a sign saying "No Harley attire" or "No Racing Gear allowed" or "No bandanna's". Discrimination only starts here, and as a friend at work has said before "once the door is cracked open, you can never shut it again".

So while I got prospect patched into the MC it seems as tho I was booted out of normal society's existence. Its quite sad, but it will not change who I am.


  1. Well stated Fred...I have always been an advocate and believe that you do not judge someone by their appearance or the clothes/colors that they wear and if someone decides to pre-judge, well it's their loss...fuck'em! It's unfortunate that we live in a society that chooses to pre-judge. Continue to stand up for what you believe in!

  2. OK, and I disagree on a few things.
    #1. Establishments who ban colors.

    I agree with them. AS LONG AS THEY BAN ALL COLORS, HOG, AMA, DAV, BACA....HA, SOS, all colors.

    Why? because it's way too much work to try to keep everyone happy. It's way to much work to appease all who wear the colors they are loyal to. If a black and white and a red and white see each other in the same establishment...well it's no telling what can happen. No colors means no stress. I ran a bar where the Pagans visited. NO colors were the rule. We were a biker friendly bar, I had many Pagans and their ladies working for me. But no colors. FOR ANYONE. Never had any problems with the color code...

  3. Hey Brother,

    Well, since you mention me in the article, I figured I should respond :-)

    Yes, you are a decent guy. In fact, you're one of the nicest guys I know. And while I didn't know you before the patch, I'm sure you haven't changed much.

    As someone who grew up knowing a lot of club guys, and someone who now spends a great deal of time around club guys, I agree with most of what you say in this post. Most of the guys I know are honest, hard working, tax paying citizens who love the brotherhood of the club scene.

    However, the reality is that some members of some of the more well known clubs are into bad things. While I am not aware of any club that behaves as a group, openly committing crimes like seen in SOA, the fact is that certain members do certain things. Of course, the same can be said of police forces, politicians, and clergy. Every group has members who do things that are not exactly on the up and up.

    I actually think SOA is more realistic than it is made up. Sure, it's Hollywood. Sure they take things to the cinematic extreme. Anyone watching it and not understanding that is foolish. At the same time, I love how they show the sense of brotherhood and family among the club members. To me, they get that part bang on. They would die for each other - even when they are disagreeing with one another. One of the best scenes, and one I have experienced first hand, was from Season One when they were all sitting around the dinner table together. Family.

    As for the "no colours" rule at some places. I don't like it, but like Chessie said, I get why some establishments do it. And, like both of you suggest, it should be done for every group if it's going to be done for one group. But, I'm all for a business making the choice for themselves. If they want to keep a certain group out of their bar/casino/whatever, so be it. They lose the business of paying customers.

    Anyway, brother, great post, great thoughts, and keep them coming!

  4. So many poignant words and points. I have contemplated why I feel the most comfortable in the biker community and you nailed exactly. It is as if you were reading my mind. I am not head over heels about SOA, but I watch it when I can. The issue about colors is a difficult one indeed. I have been told that even Patriot Guard Riders have been told to take off their colors. It is a difficult situation for everyone...

  5. I don't know much about clubs, but congrats and not to worry, I still like you ;) You haven't scared me off yet...

  6. Was out googling, and clicked your link as it looked interesting.

    One other issue you might face while wearing a patch, depending on how you ride, where you go, and the reputation of your club, is discrimination and police harassment.

    It's nothing new, but does take awhile get acclimated to while keeping cool, calm, and collected.

    Have been pulled over by the cops for everything from equipment violations to reckless driving. Some stops were valid while others were BS.

    Let's just say that I learned the hard way to keep a low profile. That, and relocating from CA to ID made a world of difference.

    A good bud of mine lives in Apache Junction, and is an American Legion Rider. He only wears his patch during club functions so as not to draw attention to himself.

    Not saying that you should do likewise, but simply pointing out that he, like me, has had enough hassles with the cops to last a lifetime.

    BTW, eyeball if you haven't already. Good stuff by Rebel.