Thursday, July 2, 2009

Northern Arizona pine country - Part 5

Heading back down the 260 was nice. As mentioned its very steep and lots of twisties, but a 4 lane highway. I really enjoy it. I decided the next area would be Christopher Creek. I did notice on the way up it had its own little circle, much like Mormon Lake did. This sounded perfect to me. This is all new to me. I have no idea what Hunter Creek Drive is, but I may just have to come back up to this area again (not like it isn't a regular ride for me) and check it out.

Christopher Creek used to be a very busy area. Before I even got there, I wondered how well everything turned out without the highway going straight thru it. Sadly I was disappointed. There used to be little shops in the middle of the whole town right off the highway. Along with a gas station, restaurant, cabin rentals, camping ground and some great looking forested area. Not much there now. The restaurant is still there, and next time I may go check it out. The cabins and camp ground all still there but almost everything else is gone. So sad. This area is so beautiful and to have all the pass thru traffic brought plenty of tourist. After thinking about this for some time, I bet the cabin rentals are very inexpensive now. They used to be very expensive. I didn't even stop, just rolled down on the loop back to the 260.

With all the times I've been up here, I've never stopped at Kohl's Ranch. Not even as a kid. I pulled into the parking lot and saw they have cabins and camping available. very nice area as well. I was close to Star Valley (my final destination for the day) and was in need of a drink. Hey, what do you know....they have a steakhouse and a saloon. I walked in and the steakhouse is closed...the door to the saloon was as well. I asked someone at the front desk and they are not open until 5pm. It is only around 3 so I was no about to stick around and wait. So headed right across from Kohl's Ranch. This is the Tonto Creek area and it also has a fish hatchery. There were several campers setting up for the weekend. There was even an old travel trailer. I cross the bridge that separates Tonto Creek from Horton Creek and there is a small parking lot which I pull in to. Now in case you didn't know my last name I Horton so I find much amusment with a creek named Horton Creek. Hey look a trail that is named after me too.

In the same parking lot I see another sign. Horton Creek Picnic area. Perfect!

And yet another one that points back to the parking lot area!

This is primarily a fishing area (thus the fish hatchery being all the way up the road). I really wanted to get take some nice photographs of the creek. I did go a little crazy tho.

The water is so clear you can practically drink out of it.

I really wanted to get some creative photographs so I started playing with the camera a bit both settings and placement.

By this time I was done of taking photographs of the creek. I wanted to walk to the Horton Picnic area and check it out and take more photographs of the forest area.

The pines are very tall.

As much as I enjoy the forest, I was quite exhausted with all the walking and hiking. I got back on the bike and headed back down the 260. I arrived at my parents place and was happy to see it. Time to rest before tomorrow's trip to the Tonto Natural Bridge.


  1. You should stop and take pictures of the old town...the empty one. I find talking to the residents to be very infomitive...they are so willing and helpful with area coolness....

    Next...I LOVE the picture with the camera behind the little round river rock...very nice...gentle...makes me feel I know it's right...
    Excellent review...looking forward to #6.

  2. Nice job with the pics again! Each post gets better & better, I love it!