Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is there a problem here, wtf?

I'm having issues once again with my bike. 07 Kawi VN900 Classic. I took the bike to the shop to get serviced and once home noticed electrical issues. I really hate shop just as I do on cages. First it was noticing I have no back lighting for my speedo and after market tac. Then start looking at the fuses. Come to find out my horn fuse is blow (aftermaker air horn) and my tail light fuse as well. I replaced the fuses and didn't think anything of it. This morning right before I left I noticed the lights weren't working again. I pull the fuses and my tail light fuse blew again. So I go thru 3 more fuses. The fuse blows as soon as I turn the key on, without ever touching the brakes. Now I have to troubleshoot this. I'm not very good at electrical, tho I am getting better. I really do not want to bring it in the shop for this because as I said I don't trust shops, even more so with electrical. I'm also thinking they are going to try to say its because of something after market it damaged such and such and not covered by the warranty. So frustrating.

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