Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday nite bike nite @ Mesa Riverview

It was a typical bike week at Mesa Riverview. I love it there.

It runs officially from 5pm-9pm. Since I get off work at 4 and it is in the east valley not far from work, I just pick up K2 (she's a mile or so away) and head right there. And since it doesn't start until 5 we usually grab a bite to eat. The first time we went we ate at Matte's Mexican Cantina. By first glance both K2 and I felt very out of place. I would have walked out if it wasn't for see some other bikers in there. Its more of an upper class type of atmosphere. Not to say that they did not welcome us with open arms, because they did just that. The service was great and then even serve chips and salsa/hot sauce. Beer was not very much, and we ordered from the happy hour special. Food was tasty and I enjoyed my fish taco. I can't even remember what the hell Kelly got tho. From there we left and drank beer at Cactus Moon....since this started we've only missed 2 weeks and even showed up last week when it was not being held here, but rather downtown Mesa for the monthly Mesa Bikes on Main. Cactus Moon has, by far, the best beer prices.

Last week was when Bikes on Main was going on, and we showed up and met my sister there. I wanted to kick it at Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill. I love that place. But I don't love their prices. Food is excellent, service is good. But price....ouch! Between all of us a couple hours later, it rang up over $150 tab. Beers, whiskey, and food are very pricey. I expected the food to be that way. Hell, I had my birthday there a couple years ago when it first had opened. Food is definitely worth it, tho this is not a place I will go on a regular basis and won't have much to drink.

Kelly and I

Before arriving we ate at Yoshi's....its a oriental food/sushi fast food place. And its good. Then we rolled over.

We always sit on the Cactus Moon patio and drink beer, and of course bike and ppl watch.

This week has brought to most custom paint jobs, custom bikes and unique rides (I will explain more later). I love Mesa Riverview bike nite. It is a great place to hang, look at bikes, drink some beer, socialize and just relax. Everyone is very relaxed and bad attitudes. It is strange tho, this is not as much of a showing off place as Westgate is. Not to mention most bikes are quiet...not nearly the loud pipes I'm used to. No worries tho...still some great paint jobs.

I had to take this one =) Smooth Moves

Lucky Number 13

This is the one of the most unique I've seen. Not because of the paint job...not because it is a trike with a trailer...but because it has a Hurst as the trailer. And I'm pretty sure it can actually fit a casket. It has the inner workings and wheels just as a normal one would have. Only on a bike trailer. Its wicked!!


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