Wednesday, April 14, 2010

March 25th, 2010

This is a day that will never be forgotten. At least for the biker community around the world. On Saturday Sandy, K2 and I visit the crash site. This was one of the most humbling experiences to me. The Murial that was placed there full of all sorts of items is simply an amazing outpour from the motorcycle community. The entire scene was way to close to home, no matter I knew them or not. You could still see the white substance the police puts down for fuel spills as well as the burn marks. As soon as we arrived, I noticed the channel 5 news van. I just started by sitting on the small wall for a few minutes. Taking everything in. Clearing my head a bit for what I was about to experience. Once I got off the wall I looked at all that was left for this Murial. Complete awe. A couple of older ladies took pictures. I decided that out of respect for those who had passed away, those survived and families of all I would not do so. Even as much as many love my photography, I could not capture everything here. I could not begin to impose such emotion in only such stagnate photographs. You would just have to be there. You just need to visit and pay your respects on a personal level. After I had surveyed the Murial, I was less than ready to see what was ahead. I turned around and looked into the road, where the bikes lay on that day. I am not a very emotional person at all, but I was nearly in tears from the moment I arrived. There are no photographs or words than can capture this. After taking all this in, I left the area with no intention of returning. I had been having some very bad acid reflux so I went into Walgreens for milk and then sat on the bench outside of the store with Sandy and Kelly. It was respectful of the channel 5 to wait until we had left before filming anything. March 25 and April 10th are 2 days that have burned a permanent memory as to where I was on those days. Neither, will I forget.

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