Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hail Mary

Church. Its a word that everyone knows. It's something that most don't really think about, don't analyze. But when one does think about it, God, angels & even heaven come to mind. For a biker, for most bikers, church means something much different. Not the breaking of the bread, nor is it the standing, sitting, kneeling they do, not even prayer or songs.

I've heard it before, many times. Not with me in the conversation. Not with me listening to the conversation. More of just over hearing it.

This was a recent thought. Tonite was bike nite. The guys and gals are great. I love these pppl, I really do. Although I haven't known them long, I believe they would give me the shirt off their backs if they had no more in their closet. Family. That's what I see, that's I think about when I think about them. There is rarely any handshaking, mostly just hugs. A hug is very warm and tender. Even from another brother. And the term brother is not to be used lightly. But in this case, brother. This feels like family.

Everyone was leaving at the same time. Brett (the prospect) and I were the last ones out. On the way out he asked me if I was going to church next Sunday. I had not one single bit of hesitation. This felt much of an honor. To be asked to join them with such little time between us. Brett already asked Lodur if I was coming and Lodur told him yes. I had no previous knowledge of this at all, but I am honored. Saturday is a Rough Rider MC event that I will be going to with the family. Lodur is going to the Cardinal's game and will not be there. But I know some of the others will. I feel much like a little kid with the excitement of not being able to sleep the night before Christmas. Church. Church is perfect.


  1. Oh how your words echo in my spirit. I don't got to religious church. But I understand the type of church you describe. I understand what you are saying and how you feel. Although I am not a member of a motorcycle club, I don't think I would ever consider it, I understand...excellant description.

  2. Bikers have the unspoken bond and I'm proud to be a part of it.